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3 AC Noises That Are Actually Warning Signs

AC noises

Does your AC make unusual noises?

An AC unit is a staple in every household, especially in hotter states. The only problem is that these large devices have a lot of moving parts, making it likely that something can go wrong. Strange AC noises are the telltale sign of such, and you’ll need to contact a local AC repair service immediately to resolve the issue.

Units produce different noises, though. So, you’ll need to know which air conditioner sounds you should look out for.

Below are three of the most common noises that tell you there’s something wrong with your unit. Read on to learn what you should keep an ear out for.

1. High-Pitched Noises

When an AC or HVAC makes high-pitched squealing noises, it means that the compressor unit is failing. The compressor makes it possible for the refrigerant to circulate and help in producing cool air. If it makes a high-pitched noise, it means it reached a dangerous pressure level that the unit may not be able to contain.

It can also be because your fan belt got misplaced. This makes your blower motors squeal since they won’t function efficiently with a bad fan belt. 

When this happens, it’s best that you turn your unit off immediately. It’s much safer this way and doing so saves you from overspending on energy costs. It’s best that you turn it on again only when you’ve resolved the issue.

2. Consistent Banging and Clanking Noises

If you’re hearing loud banging or clanking noises, turn off the unit right away. This means that there’s something loose going around the unit. It can be something as small as a displaced screw or bolt, but it’s always worth looking into it.

Doing so prevents the unit from incurring further damages. If the noises are coming from the outdoor unit, it may be a sign that stray twigs and rocks may be circulating throughout the unit.

You need to call a technician to do emergency repairs on your AC unit. They’re knowledgeable enough to know whether there’s a misplaced part within the unit.

3. Gargling Noises

When your AC unit produces gurgling or bubbling noises, it means you have a refrigerant leak. When this happens, it’s possible that there’s a damaged line in your AC causing the leak. Rusted filters and holes in the capillary tubes may also be causes of the leak.

When you hear these noises, turn off the unit and keep everyone else away from the unit. Refrigerant leaks can prove fatal to humans due to refrigerant poisoning

Again, it’s best to hire professionals here. They’re properly equipped and can safely remove any refrigerant leaked from your unit.

Know the Different AC Noises Now

Maintaining the health of your AC will ensure that you stay cool this summer. Keep an ear out for any AC noises so you can get immediate service today!

Are you hearing unusual noises from your AC now? Check us out and see the service we can provide today!

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