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5 Common AC Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

5 Common AC Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is exciting, but it can also be intimidating with all of the new responsibilities. Taking care of your AC is one of those tasks.

Common AC mistakes can make your system use more energy. The average household spends 12% of total energy use on air conditioning operation. Taking care of your unit can lower that percentage for you.

Avoiding mistakes can also reduce damage to your AC and make the unit last longer.

Check out these five common mistakes to take care of your unit.

1. Not Changing the Filter

If you haven’t checked the AC filter since you moved into your new house, now’s the time. Clean filters are necessary for the AC unit to run efficiently. When the filter is clogged, the AC has to work harder to push the air through, which increases wear and tear.

Most filters need to be changed every three months or more often. Look at the filter every month to see if it’s dirty and needs to be changed. 

2. Not Having a Professional Tuneup

You can do some regular AC maintenance yourself, but failing to have a pro do a tuneup at least once per year can lead to problems. Professionals check indoor and outdoor units to ensure all of the connections and parts are working correctly. This can help identify problems early, which can keep the system running more efficiently.

3. Forgetting to Clean the Outdoor Unit

Your central air conditioning has an outdoor unit that also needs attention. Because it’s outdoors, it can become clogged with dirt, leaves, and debris. Overgrown vegetation can also block the unit and make it work less efficiently.

To clean the unit, turn off the power first. Trim back the shrubs, weeds, and other plants that are growing near the unit, especially if they’re touching the unit. The goal is to let the air flow seamlessly.

Pull off leaves and other large pieces of debris. Spraying the unit with your garden hose washes away the rest of the dirt and debris.

4. Not Using the Thermostat Well

Adjusting your thermostat based on your activities can save on energy. Increase the temperature when you’re not at home. A programmable thermostat lets you set the temperature based on your regular schedule, or a smart thermostat means you can adjust the temperature remotely with an app.

Putting heat-generating items near your thermostat can make your AC work harder. It can make the system think it’s hotter in the home so the air conditioner gets overworked.

5. Ignoring Signs of a Problem

Calling an HVAC professional at the first signs of an AC problem can prevent additional problems. The signs might include strange noises, inability to cool, or hot and cold spots in your home.

A tech can often fix the issue easily when it’s still in the early stages. If you ignore the issues, something more severe might happen, requiring more extensive repairs.

Avoid Common AC Mistakes

Being aware of common AC mistakes helps you optimize your unit in your new home. With proper use and maintenance, your AC runs more efficiently and lasts longer.

If you haven’t had the AC in your new home inspected, call us to schedule AC maintenance.

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