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3 Things to Check When Your AC Stops Working

X Things to Check When Your AC Stops Working

With summers here in Florida often topping 90°F, air conditioning is a necessity. If your AC stopped working, you need it fixed sooner rather than later. Fortunately, many air condoning problems can be resolved with some simple troubleshooting. Here are three things to check before you call an HVAC contractor for AC repair, according to the experts at Air Zone Air Conditioning and Heating. 

#1: Look at Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is the first thing to check if your AC stops working. If your thermostat is off and all you see is a blank screen, the batteries in the thermostat are probably dead (assuming it isn’t hard-wired). Just remove the front and replace the battery. 

If your thermostat is on, make sure that you have it set to ‘cool’ and at least three degrees under the current reported temperature. Likewise, if you have a programmable thermostat to help reduce your cooling costs, verify that it is properly programmed and didn’t simply turn your AC down.

#2: Check That It Has Power

After checking your thermostat, your next step is to make sure there’s power to your air conditioner. Verify that everything is plugged in first, then move on to your circuit breaker (or fuse box) to confirm that all your breakers are still in the on position. 

If one has “tripped,” or turned off, flip it back on and wait to see if the AC comes back on. If it does, it’s important to monitor it during the first cycle to see if it trips the breaker again. Reoccurring breaker trips could suggest a wiring problem, and your AC may be unsafe to use. You’ll need to call for repairs.

#3: Make Sure the Vents and Filter Are Clean

While a dirty filter or clogged vents will generally cause decreased airflow before a full system shutdown, if airflow into the unit is extremely limited, it can happen as air conditioners rely on air transfer to work.

Look for discoloration, heavy dust, or debris build-up on the filter if your unit has one (most do). Change the filter if necessary. Then, clear any grass, leaves, or other debris from around outdoor unit vents. This step will also allow you to check for things like moisture around the unit or strange sounds. These issues often indicate a problem that requires professional attention. 

AC Still Not Working?

If all the above fails to get your AC working again, reach out to the experts at Air Zone Air Conditioning and Heating for 24-hour air-conditioning service in Tampa, FL. With over three decades of experience, they can get your air conditioner back up and running fast. Dial (813) 750-0191.

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