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4 Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Shut Off

ac wont shut off

You want your AC unit to run enough to keep you cool here in Florida. Unfortunately, sometimes air conditioners fail to shut off after adjusting the temperature. Below, we review the reasons why your AC won’t shut off.

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#1: Someone Turned the Fan On

Many modern thermostats come with both an “ON” and an “AUTO” setting for the fan. The auto setting instructs your fan to turn on only when the temperature rises above a certain level. The ON setting, on the other hand, turns the fan on and leaves it that way until you turn it off.

You can change this setting to “AUTO” to see if it causes your AC to shut off correctly.

#2: Your AC Unit Is Too Small

Sometimes, property owners end up with an HVAC unit that cannot handle the size of the home or business. Because they are not the proper size, these units end up running constantly as they try to keep the space at a reasonable temperature.

You can assess this issue by raising the temperature on the thermostat by a few degrees. If changing the temperature makes the AC unit stop running, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger air conditioning unit.

#3: You Have a Broken Thermostat

Thermostats can wear out and break down over time, especially when they receive a lot of use. These machines have sensors that allow them to detect the temperature of your indoor air. These sensors sometimes fail, confusing the system and making it run too much.

You can assess this issue by checking the indoor temperature. If your indoor temperature shows as lower than the temperature you selected on your thermostat, you may have a problem with your thermostat.

#4: A Short Circuit Occurred

Finally, if your AC won’t shut off, your system may have experienced a short circuit. Short circuits can prevent your thermostat from communicating with the main AC unit. Once this happens, the air conditioning system no longer responds to commands to:

  • Raise the temperature
  • Lower the temperature
  • Turn off

You may need to replace parts in your thermostat or AC unit after a short circuit, which can cause damage to the electrical systems that control these devices.

Get Assistance if Your AC Won’t Shut Off

Your energy expenses can rise rapidly if your AC won’t shut off here in Florida. You can address this issue right away by reaching out to Air Zone Air Conditioning & Heating. The company’s Westchase air conditioning repair crews can set up your appointment today when you call (813) 750-0191. 

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