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What Is a Blower Door Test & How Does It Work?

what is a blower door test

If your home isn’t properly sealed, you’re losing money every time your HVAC system comes on—stop the leak. Call Air Zone Air Conditioning & Heating in Tampa Bay, FL for a blower door test. Curious what a blower door test is, how it works, and how it can help you save on your heating and cooling costs? You’re in luck. This blog will explore all three topics. 

What Is a Blower Door Test?

A blower door test is a way of determining airtightness, locating air leaks, and, if you’re using a calibrated blower door, how much air is being released or let in. When you call a professional energy auditor, they attach a giant fan in an exterior doorway of your home and use it to suck the air out, creating a low-pressure atmosphere to test for drafts. 

How Can a Blower Door Test Save You Money?

Did you know that the average home has air leakage equivalent to leaving a two-foot square window open 24-hours a day? Closing that window could reduce your heating and cooling costs by 10 to 15%. A blower door test is the best way to identify sources of air leakage so they can be sealed. 

However, the benefits don’t stop there. By fixing drafty areas, you’re also preventing moisture from seeping in and causing condensation. If you have significant air leakage and your home is poorly sealed, you probably also have mold, which can lead to health and breathing issues. Large leaks may even let in pests.

How Does a Blower Door Test Work?

When it comes time for your blower door test, which is often part of an energy audit, an auditor will come to your house and do a thorough walk-through with you to give you the opportunity to point out any suspected problem areas. 

Then, they will install the blower door. Once it creates a low-pressure atmosphere in your home, the pressure gauge on the door will allow the auditor to estimate how much air leakage is occurring. The auditor will also probably use a smoke pencil to locate areas that need to be sealed or repaired. 

It’s crucial to leave all interior doors open while leaving windows, exterior doors, and any other openings, such as fireplace flues, closed during a blower door test for accurate results. The test should take about an hour to complete. 

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Keeping your home airtight will save you money and improve your indoor air quality. Work with the best blower door test company in Tampa, FL. Call on Air Zone Air Conditioning & Heating at 813-750-0191 to get started!

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