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Why AC Compressor Failure is Common During Summer Months

ac compressor failure

The hotter it gets outside, the more people need their air conditioning, and the summer months can be brutal with the heat, especially in Florida. An AC unit fails more often in the summer months than in the winter months. One reason is due to the compressor failing. Why do these problems get worse in the summer?

AC compressor failure is more common in summer months because the excess heat from outside damages the system’s components. Air Zone is the leading AC repair in Citrus Park, FL, that does AC repairs and can handle any AC service, especially compressors.

Overheating Air Compressors

An air conditioning compressor already gives off a lot of heat. In winter, the outside temperatures compensate for the heat, so it usually doesn’t cause problems. The summer heat adds pressure to the system, causing AC compressor failure. When compressors overheat, electrical components melt, and the insulation deteriorates.

If you want cool air to continue to flow, you must remove pressure from the compressor. You can improve the ventilation, check the air compressor coolers, clean the motor cabinet, and clear the filters. If the compressor gets too overheated, Air Zone does air conditioning installation.

Too Much Moisture Builds Up Inside

Excess moisture also causes problems even if the fan continues to run. Warm air holds more water than cold air, so this problem worsens in the summer because more water ends up in the system.

To reduce moisture, frequently check the drains, and check on your air driers, which work twice as hard in the heat. Water needs clearing more often, so increase your moisture checks.

Oils and Lubricant Starts to Break Down

These breakdowns lead to excess wear and tear damage. Lubricants get thinner as temperatures rise, and oils rapidly degrade with more heat. To maintain these liquids, check the circulation system, check your oil levels more frequently, and inspect your oil for dirt and other contaminants.

A compressor running at over 200 degrees will cut your oil’s life in half, so consider an HVAC maintenance plan for your system.

Belts, Seals, and Couplings Crack

Staying on top of your AC unit’s maintenance can avoid most of these problems when compressors fail. Regularly inspecting all components and checking for any cracks or breaks can keep your AC running and prevents your compressor from failing.

AC Compressor Failure Doesn’t Have to Happen Frequently

Air Zone helps people in the Citrus Park area with air conditioning problems and AC compressor failure. People need their air conditioning units more in the summer than in the winter months, especially in Florida. We can assist with your needs and help you learn more information about air purification systems, so call us today at 813-855-4191.

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