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Do Air Filters Help With Allergies? 3 Questions About Air Filters Answered


Breathing in clean, filtered air is more important than ever. The global air filters market was valued at $12.10 billion in 2019. This value will grow to $20.63 billion by 2027.

Many industries are losing value due to the worldwide pandemic. But COVID-19 has made air filtration more important than ever. So what does this mean for your everyday life inside your home?

Do air filters help with allergies after all? Today we’re exploring 3 top questions about air filters and how to stay healthy and safe from inside your own home.

What Do Air Filters Actually Do?

You’ve heard about the health benefits of having an air filter or purification system in your home. But what do air filters actually do?

Air purifiers remove particles from the air, disallowing allergens and dirt to pass through physical barriers. Unfortunately, some air filters work by emitting ozone.

These ozone-emitting air filters produce ozone gas that destroys pollutants. However, many concentrations of this ozone emission are still too strong and can cause lung irritation.

The Environmental Protection Agency warns against using ozone generators that are labeled as air purifiers. Ozone gas can cause lung and throat irritation, inflammation of the lungs, and even asthma aggravation. 

Are you struggling with polluted air and odors indoors? Pursuing a professional air purification system installation could be worth the upfront cost. 

We recommend the Platinum ozone-free air purification system, which is installed inside the ductwork of your home’s central air conditioning system. 

Do Air Filters Help with Allergies?

Air filters can help you prevent dust and pollutants from littering the air in your home. But do air filters help with allergies? And if so, how much?

The fact is that yes, home air filters for allergies can stop you from sneezing repeatedly at home! However, it’s important to note that there are many different types of air filters.

Let’s consider HEPA filters, also known as high-efficiency particulate air filters. These are very effective at removing and filtering dust, dander, and pollen.

Does My Air Conditioning System Serve as an Air Filter?

So you have a general air conditioning system. Does it protect you from allergy-triggering particles? This is rarely the case! Air conditioning usually uses simple paper filters that only protect against dust.

HEPA filters, in comparison, filter for smaller particles as well. Using a HEPA filter system or device can provide additional relief to dust-preventing air conditioning. 

In addition to HEPA filters, there are UV, ion, and carbon-based filter options. Each has its own pros and cons and finding one best suited for your health and needs is key.

Be sure to thoroughly survey a company’s reviews before hiring them for air filter installation. Some companies try to prey on individuals by upselling unneeded filters or even potentially harmful ozone-producing units.

Home Air Filters for Allergies

Wearing a proper HEPA-filter mask outside of the home is important during a worldwide pandemic. However, so is ensuring that the air you breathe at home is safe.

So do air filters help with allergies? Implementing an appropriate air filter at home can help protect you from allergens, and potential health problems down the road. Contact us today to discuss an air filter option that best meets your home’s needs today.

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