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How Ceiling Fans are a Winter Winner

Ceiling Fans in Winter

If you’ve looked up energy-saving tips for winter, you’ve probably seen the suggestion to turn down your thermostat. 

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy suggests lowering yours to a cool 68 degrees — yes, even in winter — to boost home energy savings and protect the environment. 

If that sounds a bit too cold for you, there are other ways to stay warm in winter without lowering your thermostat and bundling up into spring, though. 

As it turns out, using ceiling fans in winter can keep your home cozy and save you in utility costs. It sounds crazy, but it works — here’s how. 

Why Would I Turn On Ceiling Fans in Winter? 

Most people rely on ceiling fans to keep them cool in the summertime. Having a ceiling fan turned on can circulate air-conditioned air very effectively. You can turn up your thermostat by four degrees and maintain your ideal summer temperature, so long as you have ceiling fans overhead and pushing air downward.  

With this information in mind, you still may be wondering, how would cool air from a fan help me stay warm? 

In the summertime, your fans run counter-clockwise, pushing air down into the room and keeping things breezy. If you reverse that flow, though, you change the direction of air flow.

Clockwise Air Flow is the Key

Setting your fans to twist clockwise pulls air up toward the ceiling, rather than pushing it down. This is great news if you think about what happens to hot air — it rises, while cool air stays closer to the ground. 

So, as your ceiling fan moves in reverse, it pulls that cold air up and away from your living space. As that comes up, it pushes the lingering warm air out and down toward the edges of the room. 

In other words, a reverse-motion ceiling fan pushes warmer air down, which helps you stay cozy and comfortable throughout the winter season. 

Will This Provide Home Energy Savings? 

There are so many ways to cut costs on heating. Having your unit serviced or replaced with a more efficient model can make heating cheaper.

But switching on ceiling fans to work in conjunction with your heater can work wonders, too. It ensures you feel more of the warm air. You won’t have to crank the heating to get your space comfortable — you’ll get the airflow you need. 

As such, some people see their monthly savings increase by up to 15 percent when they start to use their ceiling fans alongside a heater. That’s a great discount, especially now, when we’re spending more time at home — and with our utilities on. 

Stay Warm in Winter

Using ceiling fans in winter is just one way to stay warm this season. At the core of this tactic, though, is having a well-functioning heater in your home. 

If yours needs repair or replacement, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn your options — then, get ready to get cozy this winter and beyond. 

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