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How to Prevent Seasonal Allergies with your HVAC System


Some of us have allergy issues throughout the year but seasonal allergies can be especially miserable. Pollen affects different people in different ways, but what about your air conditioning system – can the pollen also affect that?

Although pollen isn’t going to damage your air conditioner, it can get into the house from the condenser unit that’s outside. Along with other debris, pollen can enter the home via small cracks and openings, and this is known as air infiltration.

There are some things you can do to minimize air infiltration and prevent pollen from messing up the indoor air quality. The following tips can hopefully help keep your allergies at bay and the air quality good.

Keep Your Windows Closed

Although many of us like to open the windows when the weather is warm, this lets in various microbes and particulates from outdoors, which can pollute the indoor air and make your allergies worse.

They will continue to act up until you install a clean air filter to improve the indoor air quality.

Remove Debris Around Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Keep weeds and plants away from your outdoor HVAC unit. Nearby vegetation can release pollen which floats or blows in the unit.

Ensure you clean up anything that is growing around the condenser unit. Another option is to put paver bricks or gravel down to prevent plants from growing there.

Upgrade or Change the Filters

It’s important to change your filters on a regular basis. The air conditioning and heating systems filter out the pollen by circulating indoor air up to 6 times per hour through the filter.

The longer you wait before changing your filter, the more pollen, pet hair, dust, and debris will get into the system and stay there. This can result in a clogged-up filter and that means potential system failure. For the cleanest indoor air, you could invest in a Reme Halo Air Purifier for your HVAC system.

Clean Out the Ducts

Pollen can become trapped in the air filters but that’s not all – pollen spores are still able to circulate in your indoor air and then they can settle into the ductwork.

Viruses, mold and other microbes can also settle there, and this means you could be breathing them in. A professional duct cleaning service will get rid of the dust as well as any other contaminants in the ductwork.

Wash the Air Conditioner

As a residue or powder, pollen is not able to clog the outdoor unit, but if you do notice some settling on the outside of the unit, you can spray it clean using a garden hose.

If you are prone to allergies and think your air quality could be partly to blame, give the friendly Air Zone team a call at 813-855-4191 and we will be happy to come and check it for you.

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