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Five Telltale Signs that Your Furnace is Going Out

signs furnace is going out

You certainly don’t expect much freezing cold weather in the Tampa Bay area, but now that the climate is becoming so unpredictable, you never know when this area might again hit that 1962 record low, when it got down to a frigid 18 degrees! The temperature most recently dipped below freezing in January of 2010 and again in 2018.

However, Floridians need our heaters running well even at temperatures that people in New England think are balmy—such as anything below, say, 60 degrees! The last thing you want is for your furnace to go out when you most need to stay warm.

Frustration can set in quickly when you are used to Tampa Bay’s warm temperatures and don’t have the warm air that you need, so be sure to know the signs that your furnace is going out. Technicians like those at Air Zone Air Conditioning & Heating can help you get your furnace back on track before your furnace breaks down.

Why Is My Furnace Going Out?

Your furnace may be failing for many different reasons. The following signs that your furnace is running poorly can alert you that you may need repairs or a replacement unit:

  1. A furnace more than ten years old
  2. Poor indoor air quality
  3. Strange noises from the unit
  4. A weak burner flame
  5. Poor performance

An Aging Furnace

Furnaces last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, but you should think about replacing your unit if your furnace age is more than 15 years old. At this age, they become drastically less efficient. Your teen-aged furnace can stop working at any time, especially if you don’t keep up with preventative maintenance.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your furnace’s blower is pushing out dirty air or you keep coming down with respiratory illnesses, it may be a sign that your furnace is in its later life and can no longer filter air properly. Your technician will inspect your furnace to see if you need repairs or a replacement.

Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your furnace can also indicate that it needs repair—or replacing if it is sustaining damage. While your furnace may occasionally make some noises, a regular banging, grinding, squeaking, or squealing is not normal. Getting repairs as soon as possible after noises arise can prevent you from needing to replace your furnace later.

Poor Heating Performance

Poor heating performance is also a sign that your furnace is failing. If you experience uneven or weak heating, you may need a complete replacement to resolve leaking air ducts or other problems. A total replacement will institute HVAC heating performance and efficiency.

Pilot Flame Problems

If you have a gas furnace, keep an eye out for a weak pilot burner flame or a flame that changes color. These indicate that the gas isn’t burning correctly. This can lead to gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, so be sure to call an HVAC contractor promptly to avoid these dangers.

Furnace Replacement Services in Tampa, FL

Take note of the signs that your furnace is going out or your heat pump has problems before your heating system breaks down on a chilly winter day in Tampa, Florida. That way, you’ll know when you need to schedule a furnace replacement, and you won’t have to suffer from cold temperatures.

Air Zone Air Conditioning is ready and willing to help you when you need a furnace replacement or repairs. Contact their Tampa Bay, FL, office at 813-855-4191.

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