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What Is the Best AC Temperature for Sleeping?

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Nearly half of all Americans suffer from unsatisfying or low-quality sleep. While plenty of people are getting the right amount of rest each night, a staggering number aren’t enjoying quality slumber that allows them to rest and recuperate fully. 

For many, temperature plays a significant role. By taking a closer look at the science of how people sleep, we can determine whether it’s better to sleep in hot or cold environments while also discovering the ideal sleeping temperature.

The Best AC Temperature for Sleeping

To figure out what temperature is the best for getting some shut-eye, it’s crucial to take a brief look at how we sleep and what happens to our bodies while we’re snoozing.

Comparing hot and cold sleeping environments can also narrow down a range of acceptable temperatures. After all, no two people are exactly alike, and some may prefer warmer sleeping conditions while others keep things chilly. 

The Science of Sleeping

Though the reason why we sleep still isn’t fully understood, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few theories that might help explain this yawn-inspiring phenomenon. The most accepted of these theories purports that our brains require nightly ‘shut-downs.’

In this way, the brain is very much like a home computer. It can overheat and fail to function appropriately unless allowed occasionally time to rest and restart. Sleep may be crucial to our cognitive abilities, including the ability to form and store memories.

While we’re asleep, our brain is caught in one of two potential stages:

  • REM Sleep
  • Non-REM Sleep

REM sleep is when our brains jump into overdrive and become incredibly active. This is typically the point at which we dream. This stage of sleep is usually far briefer than non-REM stages.

While engaged in non-REM rest, we can drift between light and deep slumber that does not fully engage the brain. During both of these stages of sleep, a person’s body temperature will likely decrease.

However, body temperature tends to drop more noticeably during REM sleep, and rise upon waking.

The Optimal Sleeping Temperature

Because a human’s body temperature lowers during sleep, it may seem like warmer environments would result in better sleep. However, that’s not necessarily the case. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal room temperature for high-quality sleep is between 60ºF and 67ºF. Snuggling with warm blankets or comforters does not change this ideal temperature.

Considering the fact that most homes have air conditioners that are set just above this range, it’s no surprise that more and more people are finding it difficult to achieve the quality rest they need and deserve.

Taking Care of Your AC Unit

To enjoy the best sleep possible, it’s vital to keep your AC unit maintained. Outdoor units tend to attract leaves, pests, and other hazards that inhibit the unit’s ability to fully function.

In some cases, emergency repair services may be necessary. Fortunately, 24-hour emergency AC services are never too far away.

Regular Maintenance

Just as with any other large home appliance or system, your AC requires a little tender love and attention from time to time. This means keeping debris away from the fans, keeping grill blades separated for maximum airflow, and much more.

Because DIY AC maintenance can be tedious and time-consuming (and potentially dangerous), it’s worthwhile to invest in quality air conditioning maintenance. Doing so can prevent costly repair issues and help keep your home cool.

Enjoy Better Sleep Tonight and Every Night

When the summer season arrives, the influx of warm, humid weather can make it difficult to get enjoyable rest at night. Keeping your home’s AC at an ideal temperature range of between 60ºF and 67ºF can help.

Getting higher quality rest is crucial, and so is AC care and maintenance. If you’re in need of professional AC repair, installation, or maintenance, please contact us today!

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