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Your Ultimate Guide to Home Energy Savings

Ceiling Fans are a Winter Winner

In the United States, we use a lot of energy. In fact, the U.S. uses approximately 23% of the world’s energy, yet it only holds about 5% of the world’s population. Because of the negative impact this type of energy use can have on the planet, you’ve probably heard about energy-saving initiatives over the last five or ten years. These are great for the environment, but they’re also great for your wallet. Conserving energy can help you save hundreds of dollars a year. But where to start? Don’t fret. We’ve created this guide outlining our top tips to help you with your home energy savings. Keep reading to learn more.


Let’s start with lighting. Being more efficient with your home’s lighting can have a massive impact on your energy costs.

First and foremost, start with something simple. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. The simple act of leaving lights on can greatly increase your monthly bill.

If it’s tough for you to remember, consider investing in timed lights that turn off automatically at a certain time. This can help take care of that problem for you.

Another way to improve your lighting is to use energy-efficient lightbulbs. Today, these are very common, but many people still haven’t fully made the switch.

You could start today by simply replacing all the bulbs in your home with LED or energy-efficient options.

Doors and Windows

Next, let’s talk about windows and doors for home energy savings. Did you know that leaky doors or windows that let out air can have a huge impact on your electric and gas bills? It’s true.

To avoid this issue, there are two main options. The simpler option is to buy some seasonal window sealing for any windows that you notice, letting in a draft. You could also look into insulating window treatments.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, look at installing updated energy-efficient windows and doors. Often, your draft issue is simply a result of old equipment.


Last but not least, think about heating and cooling. These are often responsible for the largest chunk of your energy bills.

Here are some tips.

In the winter, resist the urge to crank up the heat right away. Instead, put on some cozy socks and a warm sweatshirt. This can often solve your temperature issue.

If you’re going on a trip during the colder months, lower your heater to 55 degrees. This will save you big on your bills while making sure your pipes don’t freeze.

In the summer, open the windows whenever possible to invite a breeze inside. This is often best in the morning and evening when temperatures aren’t as high.

Home Energy Savings Ideas

With a few simple changes, you can start enjoying home energy savings today. Now it’s time to make a plan for your specific situation.

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